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Chastain, Allgaier mix it up on-track at Watkins Glen – NASCAR

Chastain, Allgaier mix it up on-track at Watkins Glen – NASCAR
04 Aug

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. — Saturday’s NASCAR Xfinity Series race didn’t even get through the first of three stages before the battle of bumpers and words between Ross Chastain and Justin Allgaier escalated to a thermometer-bursting height at Watkins Glen International.

Chastain, one of the hottest drivers in NASCAR’s three national tours, was short-circuited by retaliation from Allgaier, who drove on to a third-place finish in the Zippo 200. Chastain exited after completing just 19 of the 82 laps, coming home in 33rd place.

Allgaier’s JR Motorsports No. 7 Chevrolet spun and made contact with the retaining wall near the bus-stop chicane after receiving a shove from Chastain’s No. 4 JD Motorsports Chevrolet on Lap 14 of the Zippo 200. Allgaier continued, then gave Chastain a solid bump in return six laps later, sending his car careening into the Turn 5 barrier on the final lap of Stage 1.

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Allgaier owned up to the purpose behind his payback bump, explaining that previous altercations with Chastain had built up his anger level.

“We’ve had a rocky relationship over our racing career,” said Allgaier, who recovered to lead 13 laps in the final stage. “Unfortunately, I’ve been on the receiving end a number of times of him running into me, and he flat wrecked me in the bus stop back there. At some point, you just get to a point of where you’re tired of getting run into, and so I ran back into him. I had no intention of putting him in the wall. I wanted to spin him out, for sure. I wanted him to kind of have the same feeling that I had a few laps before whenever he spun me out, and I did it in a position where there was nobody else around us and made sure that if it was going to be a crash that it was just going to be the two of us.

“I hate it for Johnny (Davis) and the 4 team because obviously with the budget that they’re on, they don’t need to be wrecking race cars, but on the flip side of it, he knew what he was doing when he got into the bus stop and wrecked me on purpose, and then even when I caught him back, he slowed way, way down and he knew that I was mad at him. You can’t race like that and not have something come of it.”

Chastain issued a fiery reaction back to his crew over the team’s communications immediately after the incident, saying he would find Allgaier at a later time. After a trip to the infield care center for a mandatory check-up, Chastain was more measured with his words.

“Well no, you don’t expect to get wrecked like that at a NASCAR national series event,” Chastain said. “Just racing hard and mistakes on all sides, but I’m glad that my nine-point safety harness did its job because I hit the wall a ton.”

Pressed for if Allgaier’s aggression crossed a boundary, Chastain demurred. “I don’t know. I better keep my opinions to myself on that.”



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