Monday, 20 January 2020

Dale Jr. asks fans for pit strategy code words – NASCAR

Anybody can tune into a NASCAR team communications with a radio scanner (or, better yet, the Scanner) and eavesdrop on pit strategy — and that includes competitors. This fact alone creates the need for drivers and pit crews to use code words known only to those on the team to communicate what’s being done on a pit stop.

During Saturday night’s Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway, Dale Earnhardt Jr. took a break from his broadcasting duties to ask an important question concerning such code words after Kyle Busch pitted for left-side tires — or “Chick-fil-A” according to No. 18 team radio secrets.

Thousands replied to Junior with their suggestions, as Twitter users tend to do.

Following in the Kyle Busch team spirit of using fast food code words, a few folks on Twitter seemed awfully hungry, eagerly joining the conversation with their food-themed ideas.

And if you’re into music, there were plenty of suggestions:

We’d need to study some flashcards to remember the last set, but we admire the thoroughness.

I’m sort of getting the impression some of the respondents had an agenda behind their choices.

Some drivers got in on the action, too, giving away their strategies to competitors. Fools!

Some took the approach of messing with competitors to an extreme level, which we appreciate.

Truly genius. We’ll wait for the day these clever code words trip up even those on the team they’re intended to protect. Somebody’s memory is bound to fail at some point.



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