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Denny Hamlin to have shoulder surgery – Racing News

Denny Hamlin to have shoulder surgery – Racing News
06 Nov

The NASCAR driver details his shoulder injury and pending surgery

Denny Hamlin will have surgery in the off-season to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder.

The injury is to a piece fibrocartilage on the shoulder socket. That helps keep the ball of the joint in place on the shoulder.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver is currently in a battle for the 2019 NASCAR Championship. He’s one of the 8 drivers remaining in the NASCAR Playoffs.

All year, Hamlin has been a favorite to win the title. The shoulder isn’t in the way…

Denny Hamlin comments on his shoulder surgery

“I really don’t know how it happened to be honest with you. But, it’s something that’s been nagging for years,” Denny Hamlin stated from the Texas Motor Speedway media center.

“I’ve had shoulder issues. But, it just got to the point where it was really bad. I got it scanned and figured out what it was.”

“It hasn’t really affected me at all in the car. That part of it’s all been fine. It really has not limited me.”

“It’s uncomfortable while sleeping. I can’t sleep on that side.”

“I got a cortisone shot in it which has really helped. That’s like my saving grace when things start hurting. It went from being immobile to it feels like there’s nothing wrong with it right now.”

“I still can lift weights. I can only do them a certain way and I have to limit my mobility on that part. But, it hasn’t affected anything in everyday life.”

“It was weeks ago but it was just progressively getting worse over the late summer to early fall. Just a few weeks ago, the doctors came and gave me a little bit of relief just to get me into the off-season.”


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