An arrest warrant was filed in Oklahoma County with new charges against a woman accused of assaulting a local nail salon employee and a police officer.

Candace Muzny, 43, was arrested on Jan. 12 at a nail salon in the 5800 block of W Britton Road for the assaults. 

Tiffany Nguyen said she was giving Muzny a pedicure when the customer turned violent. Nguyen called 911 after she said Muzny slapped and punched her for not speaking English.

“She punched me in the mouth right here,” Nguyen said. “I bled a little bit and I have fat lips today.”  

When police showed up, police said the woman assaulted an officer with a knife and cut him on the neck.

The accused woman defended her actions in an interview with an online magazine.

The former NASCAR driver told writer Jessica McBride that she “backhanded” the nail tech because, “I asked her three times to stop speaking Vietnamese to me. I was paying with the American dollar.”  

The police report described the incident as anti-Asian bias. In the online article, Muzny said, “I’m not racist. I have friends of all ethnicities.”

When asked about the officer, Muzny told the magazine he attacked her first and that he “bum rushed” her from behind.

Witnesses reported a very different scene.

“It took three men to get her down,” said Nguyen. “The cop had to sit on her but she was just resisting really hard.”

The arrest warrant filed on Thursday listed new charges of assault with a dangerous weapon, resisting arrest and interfering with a 911 call.

Nguyen said the traumatic incident is something she will never forget.  

“She was like, ‘I’m going to kill your family,’” said Nguyen. “Like everything. Like all of you guys are going down.”  

The responding officer was wearing a body camera at the time of the arrest. Muzny has not been taken into custody on the new charges.