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Iowa Race Results: July 27, 2019 (NASCAR Xfinity Series) – Racing News

Iowa Race Results: July 27, 2019 (NASCAR Xfinity Series) – Racing News
28 Jul

NASCAR Xfinity Series race results from Iowa Speedway

Tonight, the NASCAR Xfinity Series unloads at the 0.875-mile oval. They’re set for some short racing at Iowa Speedway in Newton, IA.

View full 2019 Iowa race results below.

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Christopher Bell and Chase Briscoe lead the field to the starting line. 250 laps of short track racing is up next…

Iowa Xfinity Race
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 60 ( 1-60 )

Green flag, they run even into turn one. Briscoe noses ahead on the bottom at the center of the corner. Bell gets the drive off the top and leads off turn two.

Justin Allgaier gets loose on the bottom lane. Austin Cindric had a run on the outside. Allgaier puts him in the wall as he uses all of the track to save his car off the corner.

Lap 30, Christopher Bell leads Austin Cindric by 3.5 seconds.

Lap 44, Justin Allgaier is in the wall. The back end stepped out, he chased it up the hill and caught the wall lightly with the right rear.

At the same time, much bigger problems for Austin Cindric. He was cleared but wasn’t clear with Noah Gragson on his right rear. Cindric was turned right into the wall. Cindric is done, moderate nose damage for Gragson and the caution is out.

The leaders head to the pit lane. Bell is first in and first off, four tires for all. Two cars stay out.

Green, Clements lead into turn one, he washes up the hill. Christopher Bell drives right by on the bottom.

Christopher Bell takes the win in stage 1!

Iowa Xfinity Race Results – Stage 1: 1. Christopher Bell; 2. Cole Custer; 3. Chase Briscoe; 4. Brandon Jones; 5. Justin Allgaier; 6. Tyler Reddick; 7. Justin Haley; 8. John Hunter Nemechek; 9. Michael Annett; 10. Riley Herbst;

Iowa Xfinity Race
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 60 ( 61-120 )

Green flag on stage two, Bell gets the jump as Brandon Jones pushes him ahead of turn one. Bell is clear and Jones takes over 2nd off turn two.

Lap 74, Ryan Sieg and Riley Herbst bang doors off turn four. Sieg pinches his entry into turn one and runs him to the bottom lane. Herbst is on the brakes and the back end steps out. Herbst is backwards up the banking. He makes light contact with the wall but Clements tags him while he’s stopped.

Green, Bell is clear into turn one. They run three wide for 2nd. They remain three wide into turn three. Briscoe takes over the 2nd spot from the outside lane.

Lap 98, Brandon Jones looks on the outside of Justin Haley. He has the lane but Haley moves up in the middle of the corner. They make contact and Jones is heavy into the wall. No caution as he heads to the pit lane.

5 to go in stage two, Bell leads Briscoe by 3 seconds.

Christopher Bell takes his 2nd stage win at Iowa Speedway!

Iowa Xfinity Race Results – Stage 2: 1. Christopher Bell; 2. Chase Briscoe; 3. Tyler Reddick; 4. Cole Custer; 5. Justin Haley; 6. John Hunter Nemechek; 7. Michael Annett; 8. Ryan Sieg; 9. Zane Smith; 10. Justin Allgaier;

Christopher Bell at Iowa Speedway - NASCAR Xfinity SeriesChristopher Bell at Iowa Speedway - NASCAR Xfinity Series
NEWTON, IA – JULY 27: Christopher Bell, driver of the #20 Rheem Toyota, leads a pack of cars during the NASCAR Xfinity Series U.S. Cellular 250 at Iowa Speedway on July 27, 2019 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo: Jeff Curry/Getty Images)

Iowa Xfinity Race
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 130 ( 121-250 )

The field heads for the pit lane. Bell is first in and first off, four tires for all.

Green flag on stage three, Bell gets the jump. Custer heads to the bottom to make it three wide for 2nd. Briscoe holds the 2nd position off the corner.

Lap 150, David Starr is in the wall and the 5th caution of the day is out.

The field returns to the pit lane. Bell is first in and Briscoe is out first with a fuel only call.

Penalty: Briscoe ran over the air hose. They’ll head to the rear. Cole Custer was too fast exiting the pit lane and he’ll go to the rear as well.

Green, John Hunter Nemechek leads into turn one. Christopher Bell runs four wide and in the middle with fresh tires. Bell to 2nd into turn three.

Lap 160, Bell heads to the bottom in turn four. He pulls ahead of Nemechek and clear off turn four. Bell drives across his nose, clear by inches.

Lap 162, Cole Custer is in the wall! He suffered a mechanical failure into turn three and he went straight into the outside wall to bring out the yellow.

Green, Bell is clear into turn one. Tyler Reddick takes over the 2nd spot.

Michael Annett is around off turn two. He got loose in the marbles by himself and slide down across the banking. He slid right to the inside wall but stopped short of making contact. The caution is back out.

Green, Reddick side drafts Custer into turn one before cutting to the bottom. That was aggressive but he’s hanging onto the left rear of Bell off turn two. Bell leads into turn three.

36 to go, Nemechek is on the bumper of the race leader! He runs high in turn one, cuts off the banking and looks under him off turn two. Bell fights back in turn three. Bell holds the lead.

33 to go

33 to go, same move for Nemechek. Brandon Brown is up in smoke behind them and the caution is out!

It’s an extended cleanup. NASCAR is making sure they get all the fluid off the track.

Dillon Bassett hits the sweeper truck under yellow! He was heading to the pit lane. The sweeper truck was kicking up dust and Bassett couldn’t see through the smoke cloud. His left front is killed. The radiator is knocked out of it and more fluid is on the race track.

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22 to go, the green is out. Nemechek noses ahead at the entry to the corner. Bell fights back on the top. Briscoe tucks in behind Bell down the back and Bell leads into turn three. Chase Briscoe moves to 2nd.

14 to go, Nemechek tags the wall with the right rear as he holds off Ryan Sieg for 3rd. At the front, Briscoe is running down the race leader.

9 to go, Chase Briscoe is on the bumper of the leader. He has slightly fresher tires.

7 to go, Briscoe bumps Bell in the center of the corner. He cuts under him and they run side by side down the front stretch.

Chase Briscoe at Iowa SpeedwayChase Briscoe at Iowa Speedway
NEWTON, IA – JULY 27: Chase Briscoe, driver of the #98 Ford Performance Ford, drives during qualifying for the NASCAR Xfinity Series U.S. Cellular 250 at Iowa Speedway on July 27, 2019 in Newton, Iowa. (Photo by Jeff Curry/Getty Images)

Briscoe drives it deep into turn one. He slides clear in the center. Briscoe moves to the lead.

Chase Briscoe wins the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Iowa Speedway!

View full Iowa Speedway results below.

Iowa Speedway
Race Results
NASCAR Xfinity Series
July 27, 2019

Pos | Driver

1. Chase Briscoe
2. Christopher Bell
3. John Hunter Nemechek
4. Noah Gragson
5. Tyler Reddick
6. Justin Allgaier
7. Shane Lee
8. Justin Haley
9. Zane Smith
10. Michael Annett
11. Ray Black II
12. Ryan Sieg
13. Riley Herbst
14. Gray Gaulding
15. Josh Williams
16. Stephen Leicht
17. Ryan Vargas
18. Matt Mills
19. Joey Gase
20. Vinnie Miller
21. Stefan Parsons
22. Garrett Smithley
23. Stan Mullis
24. Camden Murphy
25. Ryan Repko
26. Dillon Bassett
27. Brandon Brown
28. Will Rodgers
29. Cole Custer
30. Jeremy Clements
31. David Starr
32. Chad Finchum
33. Brandon Jones
34. Mike Harmon
35. Timmy Hill
36. Morgan Shepherd
37. Austin Cindric
38. JJ Yaley

Iowa Xfinity Race
Highlight Video

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