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Joey Lagano Drifts The Charlotte Roval In An 800-HP, 1935 Ford Truck – Yahoo News

Joey Lagano Drifts The Charlotte Roval In An 800-HP, 1935 Ford Truck – Yahoo News
28 Aug

Hey look, NASCAR drivers can turn right!

In the last couple of years, Snap-On has teamed up with Factory Five Racing and 2018 NASCAR champion Joey Lagano to produce a series of car builds called “From The Ground Up.” The latest build highlights Factory Five’s all-new body design based on the 1935 Ford Truck, but this truck got even more intense thanks to a NASCAR-spec Roush Yates engine. Now that the build is done, Snap-On released the video below showing the truck in action drifting around Charlotte Motor Speedway’s new “Roval” (road course oval) configuration. Yeah, it’s as cool as it sounds.

[embedded content]

Factory Five Racing has some amazing kit cars, but this ’35 Ford body is stunning – and it looks even better painted to match Lagano’s matte black Ford GT. These kits come with everything you need to build it except for the engine, transmission, rear-end, wheels and tires, and this build added the same 800-horsepower engine that’s under the hood of his NASCAR Ford Mustang racecar along with a six-speed sequential gearbox. The truck itself costs $19,990, while the engine and transmission are valued at over $100,000!

As if cramming a NASCAR engine into a kit car was enough of a challenge, Lagano wanted the truck to have air conditioning so he could drift in comfort… and boy can this car drift. Not that it would be hard to drift a car with a high-revving, high-horsepower V8, but this truck weighs practically nothing – its curb weight of just 2,380 pounds is about the same as a Mazda Miata.

This was just the final product being put through it’s paces around the Charlotte Motor Speedway, but you can check out the full series of build videos below. As expected, the videos are basically a 11-minute Snap-On commercials, but they’re probably the baddest tool commercials you’ve ever seen:

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