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Lil Wayne mentions NASCAR on new ‘Funeral’ album – Racing News

Lil Wayne mentions NASCAR on new ‘Funeral’ album – Racing News
05 Feb

Rapper Lil Wayne is back with a new album

Lil Wayne is a 37-year-old rapper who’s just getting started.

Listen to the Lil Wayne NASCAR song reference below.

Following his 2013 album release, he entered contract disputes with his own record label. As a result, he was unable to release new music.

Between 2014-2018, no studio albums were released. The exceptions were the Free Weezy album, Dedication 6 and Sorry for the Wait 2 mixtapes. All of which were literally released as a free downloads.

Albums were completed. However, Cash Money Records boss Birdman would not release them.

“I am a prisoner and so is my creativity,” the rapper tweeted.

In January 2015, Lil Wayne sued Cash Money Records for $51 million. The two were in and out of court for several years with no studio released for the artist with the 40th highest selling rap album of all time (Tha Carter III– 2010).

In 2018, the case was settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Sources stated Wayne netted, “well over $10 million.” While Lil Wayne stated that the dollar amount released was false.

On June 7, 2018, it was announced that Wayne had been released from Cash Money Records.

With the legal battles out of the way, the music is coming out as fast as ever. Tha Carter V was released in late 2018.

More recently, on January 31, 2020, Lil Wayne released his 14th studio album. On song number two of the twenty-four song album, NASCAR is referenced.

Lil WayneLil Wayne
Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne
Mahogany Lyrics
Funeral Album

Mahogany dashboard, I do the dash, boy
Gas to the floor, I’m pressin’ fast forward, I race a NASCAR

Transport just what you asked for
Don’t ask me what I asked for if you can’t answer

Now who them Xans for?
I’ll pop DANs for muscle relaxation, I’m a patient
Pick up the pace when I feel too adjacent to who I’m racing

Yeah, I’m spacin’, I’m spacin’ out
Oh, you faded? I’m faded out
Oh, you made it? I made it out
But you shady like 8 Mile

8 Ball from Orange Mound, letdown, I lay her down
Like an eagle, she spread it out, ate it out, yeah, I ate it out

I’m a Libra, I weigh it out
Hope the reaper don’t take me out
I’m too eager to wait it out

Stuck the heater in Satan’s mouth
Pray polices don’t raid the house

Pay my taxes and baby moms
Ain’t no cappin’, don’t play around

Hate me back then, they hate me now
In my lap is your face, I got napkins to waste
I got mansions with gates, feel like I’m NASA with space

Don’t feel like answerin’ my phone, I feel like thrashin’ today

I put my ratchet on safe, and I feel actually safe
Catchin’ spasms and aches, from all the hands I done shaked

And all the cash I done counted and all the blunts I done rolled up
I stunt when I rolled up
With a bad bitch sittin’ in the front with her nose up
You know what’s in my soda

And your trap house closin’, your glass house broken
And my madhouse open and my lighthouse glowin’

View the full song lyrics here.

Lil Wayne
Mahogany Song

[embedded content][embedded content]


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