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Lucky passengers ride along with NASCAR legend at Wyant Group Raceway – Global News

Wyant Group Raceway was closed to the public last week to give some sponsors the thrill of hopping in a racecar.

One of the lucky passengers who buckled up at the Saskatoon racetrack was Global’s Derek Bidwell, who quickly agreed while trying to look relaxed next to former NASCAR driver Ken Schrader.

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Schrader was behind the wheel during 763 races at the NASCAR Cup level over almost three decades.

He currently races on dirt and asphalt tracks around the United States and Canada as well as the Western Speed Association Super Late Model Series that stopped in Saskatoon this past weekend.

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While Bidwell held his breath for four laps, it seemed as effortless as driving to the corner store for 64-year-old Schrader.

“Kenny was kind enough to come up with his team and let us all drive and then drive us around, and it was an awesome experience,” Jason Weckert, a Parts Source area sales manager, said on July 12.

“It’s amazing to meet a NASCAR legend and to get to drive one of these cars.”

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Even though Schrader has other irons in the racing fire, like co-owning two racetracks, he is nowhere ready to give up his need for speed.

“All I do involves turning money into noise,” Schrader said. “Doing what we’re doing here with me driving and doing the sponsorship days … this retired life’s wonderful.”

“Still having fun … I don’t want to quit anytime soon.”



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