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NASCAR: Brexton Busch okay after scary four-wheeler accident – Beyond the Flag

NASCAR: Brexton Busch okay after scary four-wheeler accident – Beyond the Flag
13 Jul
DOVER, DE - MAY 06: Kyle Busch, driver of the #18 Pedigree Toyota, stands with his wife, Samantha, and his son Brexton, prior to the start of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Gander RV 400 at Dover International Speedway on May 6, 2019 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Matt Sullivan/Getty Images)

The son of NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch, Brexton, was involved in a scary four-wheeler accident, but thankfully he is okay.

Brexton Busch, the son of NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch, was involved in a scary four-wheeler accident earlier this week.

Kyle stated that his three-year-old son was riding his four-wheeler and took a turn too hard, which caused his vehicle to get up on two wheels and throw him off.

After he was thrown off, he was knocked out, which Kyle stated was the scariest thing that he has ever seen.

Thankfully, Kyle revealed after yesterday evening’s qualifying session for tonight’s race, the Digital Ally 400, at Kansas Speedway that Brexton is okay following this scary incident.

He stated that his son came back to only about 10 seconds after he was knocked out.

In terms of Brexton being okay following this incident, Kyle gave a lot of credit to the fact that he was wearing a helmet. Otherwise, he stated that his son may not be here. Here is what he had to say regarding the entire situation, according to NASCAR.

“Brexton was riding his four-wheeler and I taught him early on you know, when you go straight you can go as fast as you want to go but then you’ve got to let off the gas, use the brakes, slow down, turn and go the other way. He was doing really good; he rode for an hour with no problems and then he saw his friends dart off in one direction and he was going a little fast, cranked the wheel in order to follow them and it two-wheeled and it threw him off.

“When it threw him off, he didn’t brace for impact and he hit his head and it knocked him out. Scariest thing I’ve ever seen, certainly, to see your son lying there, lifeless. Thankfully it was only about 10 seconds and he came back to. He doesn’t remember all of that going on which is a good and a bad thing, I think, but past that, it’s a good damn thing he had his helmet on because he might not be here.

“He took some deep breaths, so that was good, I knew he was still there. He had a pulse, everything was fine in that regard. Squeezed his face and yelled for somebody to get a bottle of water, sprayed the bottle of water on him and he was up, he was good.”

Brexton did end up going to the hospital after his accident, as Samantha Busch, his mother, posted a picture on her Instagram profile. In it, she detailed the situation and urged everyone to always wear a helmet when they are riding no matter the situation.

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Kyle Busch is set to start tonight’s NASCAR Cup Series race in 13th place in his #18 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota. Be sure to tune in to Fox Sports 1 at 7:30 p.m. ET for the live broadcast of the Digital Ally 400 from Kansas Speedway in Kansas City, Kansas.



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