Sunday, 19 January 2020

NASCAR fans buy $2500 tires to help driver in need finish race – FOX 46 Charlotte

NASCAR fans buy $2500 tires to help driver in need finish race – FOX 46 Charlotte
31 Oct

Two NASCAR fans helped a driver/owner from a small team finish the race at Talladega earlier this month.

Inside a small race shop in Mooresville you’ll find one of the hardest working women in racing. Jennifer Jo Cobb is a driver and team owner, funding her own dream.

“Everything doesn’t have to be perfect for you to go for it and that’s where we are with our team,” said Jennifer Jo Cobb.

When the team packed up for the longest track on the NASCAR circuit earlier this month, Jennifer Jo Cobb thought she was prepared for anything.

“It was just crazy,” said Cobb.

An oiled down track on lap eight sent Cobb for a spin, ruining her race tires.

“We go through so much with this small team that I just thought we will figure this out. We will get tries. I may go a few laps down, but we will get tires,” said Cobb.

Normally her team would have purchased used tires from a larger team, but on this race weekend that option wasn’t available. The race went on without Cobb.

“I was sitting there in tears and disbelief and I had this overwhelming feeling that something good was going to happen,” said Cobb.

That’s when two fans Cobb met earlier that weekend stepped up, paying $2,500 for a set of four race tires.

“They just happened to walk by and ask what’s going on? And when they were told the two guys got together and split it. One bought two tires and the other bought two tires,” said Cobb.

Thanks to a NASCAR write, the story went viral. Cobb says a few new sponsors have come on board after hearing about her experience at Talladega.



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