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NASCAR Fantasy Picks: Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 in New Hampshire –

NASCAR Fantasy Picks: Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 in New Hampshire –
12 Feb

This week’s NASCAR fantasy picks for the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.   

Nothing, and I mean nothing, was as exciting as watching this happen last Saturday night.

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Even watching the replay gave me chills. This race was locked up for Logano, but the late caution put an end to that dream. Two brothers battling for the win is just about as good as it gets on a Saturday night under the lights, and anyone who’s on the fence about NASCAR should jump on over to our side after that clip.

Despite the fact that Ole Miss safety Zedrick Woods ran a 4.29-second 40-yard dash in the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine, nothing moves that fast anywhere else. NASCAR is a heart pumping, heart stopping, good old fashioned thrown down with hot cars; what’s not to love? I expect just as much excitement at New Hampshire on Sunday, so kick back and get your race on as someone either buys their win in or cements their place in the race for the chase. With only seven races left before the playoffs, things are sure to start heating up.

Last Week’s NASCAR Fantasy Picks: Recap from the Quaker State 400 at Kentucky Speedway   

Brilliant NASCAR fantasy picks:

  • Martin Truex Jr. – finished 19th
  • Kyle Busch – finished 2nd
  • Brad Keselowski – finished 20th

Bold NASCAR fantasy picks:

  • Kurt Busch – WINNER
  • Kyle Larson – finished 4th
  • Erik Jones – finished 3rd

Bonkers NASCAR fantasy picks:

  • Ricky Stenhouse Jr. – finished 12th
  • Ryan Newman – finished 9th
  • Daniel Suarez – finished 8th

And now, here are this week’s Brilliant, Bold, and Bonkers NASCAR Fantasy picks for the Foxwoods Resort Casino 301 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway   

Brilliant NASCAR fantasy picks

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. (17) leads Martin Truex Jr. (19), Alex Bowman (88) and William Byron (24) during the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Quaker State 400 on July 13, 2019. (Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire)

Denny Hamlin

  • Wins: 3
  • Top 5 finishes: 9
  • Top 10 finishes: 14

Denny had a top five finish last week, despite yet another pit violation. Hamlin is a great short-track driver and he’s no slouch on the intermediates, either. He started the year hot, cooled down a bit, but I expect he’ll be back with a vengeance over the next several tracks. I would personally love to see him win this week just to watch him squirm around the lobster they present to the winner in victory lane.

Kyle Busch

  • Wins: 3
  • Top 5 finishes: 11
  • Top 10 finishes: 15

It’s now five races without a win for the 18 team. Think it will be six? Fat chance. Anyone who finds themselves racing hard down the backstretch in the final lap won’t be treated as kindly as big brother. Expect Kyle to go for broke to get back to victory lane on Sunday.

Kevin Harvick

  • Wins: 3
  • Top 5 finishes: 11
  • Top 10 finishes: 19

Once upon a time (as in last year), it became annoying to see Harvick in victory lane so many times (eight). And now….even the most anti-hapster fans are waiting for his first win. The last time he went winless in a season? 2009. Ten years ago. With stats like this, it’s as good a place as any to give him what he needs.

Bold NASCAR fantasy picks

Clint Bowyer

  • Wins: 2
  • Top 5 finishes: 4
  • Top 10 finishes: 9

Clint. Listen….just race. Don’t get into anyone, don’t let anyone get into you, and you might just pull of the first win for SHR this season. It would probably be the rowdiest

Martin Truex Jr.

  • Wins: 0
  • Top 5 finishes: 6
  • Top 10 finishes: 11

Victory lane and a big fat lobster have eluded this team for years, despite the fact that it’s close to home for this New Jersey boy. His last two finishes have been sour, but this week could be a sweet victory….served up with a little drawn butter.

Kurt Busch

  • Wins: 3
  • Top 5 finishes: 8
  • Top 10 finishes: 15

In three of the next four races, Kurt has been to victory lane three times. Expect to see him in this column at least once more. Now that we have our numbers straight, I’d like to think that he’ll pull off a repeat this week as long as he’s not up against little brother, who won’t be as generous this time.

Bonkers NASCAR fantasy picks

Ryan Blaney

  • Wins: 0
  • Top 5 finishes: 0
  • Top 10 finishes: 2

The 12 team had a three-race run of top-ten finishes from Michigan to Chicagoland, but then fell off the wagon. Blaney has done better at this track in the last three races there, but he’s not ready to come up and take the win this week. Expect to see him at better tracks in the near future.

Paul Menard

  • Wins: 0
  • Top 5 finishes: 0
  • Top 10 finishes: 0

Menard hasn’t had a win in this series since 2011, and I don’t expect to see it happen this weekend. Having said that, he’s had a better record of starts and finishes this season, leading me to believe that we’ll see him in the top-ten again in the near future.

Ryan Newman

  • Wins: 3
  • Top 5 finishes: 7
  • Top 10 finishes: 19

Newman has a way of getting in the chase practically every year, regardless of who he races for. He’s a good driver, and he’s won here in the past, but his last win at New Hampshire came in 2011. I don’t expect much more than a top-ten finish for the 6 on Sunday.



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