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NASCAR to test Next Gen 2021 car for first time – Racing News

NASCAR to test Next Gen 2021 car for first time – Racing News
08 Oct

The first test of the new NASCAR race car is scheduled for two days this week

NASCAR is working on a new car for 2021. It’s expected to be drastically different from the current spec of car.

Of things expected, the new race car is likely to reduce costs overall. At the same time, it’s expected to mirror the showroom cars closer than they do currently.

The rumors have included a spec chassis, which would reduce costs on all teams. Even the back marker teams are done with a chassis after 3 races, due to constant development of the frame.

The bodies are expected to mirror the manufactures. But, it’s not just the bodies. Current chassis designs and rules are crude on purpose. The technology used, like truck arms, are far outdated to what people are using on the roads.

As to what the 2021 NASCAR race car will be… The details are still mostly speculation.

NASCAR to test new race car

But, the first test of the new car will be done on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week.

The test will take place at Richmond Raceway in Virginia. The track is a 0.75-mile short track.

Richard Childress Racing has built and supplied the Next Gen car for the test. Austin Dillon will be the driver at the test.

RCR is a Chevrolet team. However, the car that will be tested won’t have a Chevy body attached. It will be more of a generic body for testing purposes only. From my understanding, it’s the chassis itself is what’s being tested.

The test is closed to the public and media.

Chris Dougan, Scott Warfield and NASCAR president Steve Phelps with Genius Sports race car at DoverChris Dougan, Scott Warfield and NASCAR president Steve Phelps with Genius Sports race car at Dover
DOVER, DE – MAY 03: Genius Sports Chief Communications Officer Chris Dougan, NASCAR managing director of gaming and digital media Scott Warfield and NASCAR president Steve Phelps stand by a car with the Genius Sports logo in Victory Lane prior practice for the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Gander RV 400 at Dover International Speedway on May 3, 2019 in Dover, Delaware. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Steve Phelps on Next Gen NASCAR test

The test was confirmed by the NASCAR President:

“We are very excited with where things are with this Next Gen car,” NASCAR President Steve Phelps said Monday on NASCAR America.

“We are on time for a 2021 rollout. I think it’s going to be exciting to get it on track.”

“We were in the wind tunnel last week, so having a test at Richmond (Tuesday) and Wednesday, kind of the culmination of a lot of work that has been done by the race teams, by our (manufacturer) partners and by the folks of NASCAR to put this on the race track.”

“This particular car was built by Richard Childress and his folks and it won’t have the design of the Chevy, Ford and Toyota, but it will be kind of an opportunity for us to shake down the car and we’re really excited to get it on the race track,” Phelps concluded.


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