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@nascarcasm announces return of Fantasy Dumpster Fire league – NASCAR

@nascarcasm announces return of Fantasy Dumpster Fire league – NASCAR
02 Jan

Announcing year two of the @nascarcasm Fantasy Dumpster Fire NASCAR Fantasy Live league!

Dear friends, followers, race fans, and people who have muted me on Twitter,

The start of the 2019 NASCAR season is so close that you can hear the revving of the engines, the roar of the crowd, and Jimmie Johnson accidentally calling crew chief Kevin Meendering “Chad” over the radio.

This also means the kickoff of 2019 NASCAR Fantasy Live season. And that means the triumphant return of the @nascarcasm’s Fantasy Dumpster Fire fantasy league! That’s right friends — I did so bad last year that I’m bringing it back to see if I can top last year’s futility. I think the best week I had was the one where I forgot to set my lineup. Click the link below to join in the fun.

JOIN NOW: @nascarcasm’s Fantasy Dumpster Fire

Everything in NASCAR has changed completely, but over in the Fantasy Dumpster Fire, the rules are the same as last year – the overall winner gets hot passes to a race of their choice in the 2020 season. It will be open to the first 10,000 participants – roughly the same number of people driving the JR Motorsports No. 8 car this year.

(Note: If you played last year, don’t sweat — you’re already in.)

So much is new this year – drivers with new teams, new cars, etc. That means this year will be quite the challenge in the world of fantasy NASCAR, as opposed to last year, when you ran out of your Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. uses by the second week of March. That’s what happened to me.

That’s why this year, I proposed that every week when you load your team, Harvick, Kyle Busch and Truex are already given to you. It’s sort of like how “Wheel Of Fortune” eventually gave up and gave you RSTLN and E on the final puzzle. But no one listens to me.

MORE: Really bad suggestions for your fantasy team name

I’m taking a moment right now to enjoy the days before the first race, when I’m actually tied for first place with everyone else.

Anyways, looking forward to another great year on track and in the fantasy league. Tell your family and friends to join, too – preferably ones that are worse at fantasy sports than me. I’m that desperate to improve this year. Deal with it.

Your friend and perpetual fantasy loser,




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