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NASCAR’s Kyle and Samantha Busch’s Son Brexton Injured in Accident – One Country

NASCAR’s Kyle and Samantha Busch’s Son Brexton Injured in Accident – One Country
01 Aug

NASCAR star Kyle Busch’s wife Samantha headed to her Instagram page on Wednesday (May 8) to share the news that their son Brexton had been injured in an accident.

Thank goodness he’s going to be ok.

“Well we had a rough night,” Samantha began alongside pics of Brexton in the hospital. “Brexton had a riding accident and we had to spend the evening in the hospital. He’s a little banged up but head wise and internally everything checked out fine which we are so beyond grateful for.”

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Samantha went to use the incident to tell her Instagram followers more about the importance of helmet safety.

“I share this to ALWAYS make sure your kid wears a helmet even if they protest and whine or even if it’s the last quick ride of the night or they say mom I’m only riding in the driveway,” she added. “Brexton was wearing a full face race helmet and the drs said without a doubt that’s why he is ok. He was such a trooper

Indeed, it’s been no secret that Brexton just might have an interest in following in his daddy’s racing footsteps. In fact, Samantha shared a picture this past Christmas showing the go-cart Brexton received as a present from Santa Claus.

Following the accident, Samantha took the time to thank the doctors and nurses in the emergency room for their love and attention.

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“We can’t thank the amazing team at the @atriumhealth Children’s ER enough. They were so kind and funny and made a bad experience so much easier. Brexton thought it was fantastic, they hooked him up and told him he was becoming a superhero, he got to watch Avengers, they told him no homework for 2 weeks and after his 4 hour observation he got Sprite in the middle of the night. It’s safe to say when your kid asks to go back it’s a good experience.”

She concluded with a warm feeling, “Loving on my boy extra hard today.”

We’re glad Brexton is feeling better. Get well soon!



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