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Race ready NASCAR race cars for sale, real ones – Racing News

Race ready NASCAR race cars for sale, real ones – Racing News
24 Jan

These cars were run in NASCAR Cup Series races and are now ready to be delivered to your personal garage

Introducing: The most formidable track day vehicles ever made available to the public.

Enter the Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack cars. These cars are developed by the famed NASCAR team and are now ready to be shipped to your house.

The cars are far from street legal. It’s highly discouraged for you to take these cars on a trip to the grocery store. The trunk is for the fuel anyway.

Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack cars are built for real life racing circuits. However, they aren’t the oval versions of NASCAR racecars. These are road course versions, ready to tackle your local road course.

These aren’t watered down versions of the real thing. These are in fact, the real thing.

“In an age where the difference between winning and losing is tighter than ever, new race cars are constantly being built,” Hendrick Motorsports says of the cars.

“As a result, Hendrick Motorsports is breathing new life into our finest retired chassis – still fully capable of blistering hot laps around the circuit or circuits of your choosing. Thus, the Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack program was born.”

Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack CarsHendrick Motorsports Track Attack Cars
Hendrick Motorsports Track Attack Cars

NASCAR chassis design

These cars come with 1.75” diameter x .090” wall seamless steel tube roll cage with padding.

Chassis design in the NASCAR world don’t last very long. Constant development creates a constant churn of new ideas and chassis configurations.

What was once a race winning chassis, is no longer worth bringing to the race track. Instead, the frames sit at Hendrick Motorsports and collect dust.

That’s where this program comes in. These are frames that were used on the track. They’ve been restored and are now for sale.

“Each Track Attack car was built from the ground up using raw materials in our world-class Chassis Shop before being fully assembled in our race shops and campaigned by one of our four Cup Series teams.”

“No longer bound by a rule book, we have taken cars formerly driven by our professional drivers, lightening and simplifying them to create performance dominating track day monsters. Track Attack cars aren’t designed for the rules of any specific racing series – they’re designed for you!”

Jeff Gordon - NASCAR Road CourseJeff Gordon - NASCAR Road Course
Jeff Gordon – NASCAR Road Course

Hendrick Motorsports Track Cars

The cars come fitted with a Chevrolet Performance LSX 454. That’s essentially a crate GM engine that puts out 627 hp.

It’s paired with a H-pattern 4-speed transmission. This is the Andrews A431, the current spec NASCAR transmission.

They can be fitted with two different body styles. The Chevrolet SS option was run in the NASCAR Cup Series between 2013-2017. The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 option is the current spec of NASCAR body shape.

The cars weigh in at 3,100 lbs dry. They come with a NASCAR spec 9″ rear end.

The cars all come hand painted. Most NASCAR racecars are wrapped in 2020. Hendrick Motorsports is the exception as they have heavy sponsorship from Axalta, a paint company.

Cost: $125,000

Hendrick Motorsports paint boothHendrick Motorsports paint booth
Hendrick Motorsports paint booth


If that’s not enough power for you, upgrades are available.


Hendrick Motorsports R07 Engine: It’s a 358 cu. in. Chevrolet engine block. This is the engine run in the NASCAR Cup Series. It’s a carbureted engine.

The Hendrick Motorsports engine produces 725+hp.

358 cu. in. Compacted-Graphite iron small block

-Aluminum cylinder heads

725+ hp*

490+ ft/lbs torque*

Holley 830 cfm carburetor

Dry sump oiling system

-All forged rotating assembly


Race Tech Services 6XD Billet Sequential Transmission: This isn’t a NASCAR transmission. In fact, it can be configured as a 5-speed or 6-speed. NASCAR currently uses just 4 gears.

Features include automatic rev-matching when paired with the LSX 454 engine.

Ultra short-throw sequential shifting

-5 or 6 speed options

Rev-matching capabilities

Pressure fed oil pump

Reverse gear

Over 250 quick change gear ratio combinations

1,800 ft/lb capable Hi-Strength internals

-External oil cooler

NASCAR Next Gen chassis without wheels - Garage areaNASCAR Next Gen chassis without wheels - Garage area
HOMESTEAD, FLORIDA – JANUARY 15: A general view of the Next Gen car during testing at Homestead-Miami Speedway on January 15, 2020 in Homestead, Florida. (Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images)
Why now?

The Next Gen NASCAR chassis is currently on the way. The new car will makes it’s debut in the 2021 NASCAR season.

The car has already been tested at Richmond Raceway, ISM Raceway and most recently at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

It’s a complete overhaul of everything in the past. Essentially, all the chassis technology currently in use will become obsolete in 2021.

Furthermore, NASCAR currently has a development freeze in place. That means teams are unable to develop new parts and pieces throughout the upcoming 2020 racing season.

Beyond that, the 2021 chassis is rumored to be a spec chassis. That means all the chassis frames will be the same across the board, for all teams.

All the years that Hendrick Motorsports and other teams spent developing the perfect chassis are set to go to waste. The cars will become useless to the teams themselves.

However, for the first time, there’s no need to keep engineering secrets in the chassis department. Thus, racecars can be hand delivered to your residential address.

Hendrick Motorsports
cars for sale

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