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Report: Blaney, Johnson make peace over beers at Michigan – NASCAR

Report: Blaney, Johnson make peace over beers at Michigan – NASCAR
11 Aug

According to a report on, the Jimmie Johnson-Ryan Blaney feud is over.

Blaney told the outlet that he brought beers to Johnson’s motorhome Friday night, the two drivers talked, and they agreed to put their different opinions of what happened between them last week at Watkins Glen behind them.

“We talked for half an hour,” Blaney told “I thought it ended really well. It was just a discussion, two guys talking, explaining our sides. We didn’t agree on some things, but it was agree to disagree on a few things.”

Johnson was angered last weekend when he spun after what he viewed as Blaney running through him late in the race at Watkins Glen International. Blaney said he was simply racing Johnson hard.

The verbal sparring continued Friday when Johnson said he was disappointed that he didn’t receive a mid-week phone call from Blaney to apologize.

“There was a window of opportunity there from my standpoint for Ryan to handle it a certain way, to engage in at least the way that I know I have when it wasn’t on purpose and I have yet to see or hear from him,” Johnson told “So, that only validates my line of thought and how angry I was in the car.”

From Blaney’s standpoint, no apology was necessary.

“I have nothing to apologize about,” Blaney told on Friday. “He came down on me. I apologized to him right then and there, even though it was his fault. I have a lot of respect for Jimmie — or had a lot of respect – that’s why I kind of let him chew my ass out for a minute, minute-and-a-half or whatever he did and I didn’t go back into him, especially when he put a finger in my face.

“Then his comments after we got done talking pretty much threw all that out the window. That respect is very little.”

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According to Blaney, though, the two drivers have agreed to put their differences aside and race each other cleanly.

“In my eyes, it ended really well,” Blaney told “Jimmie is a good friend of mine. It’s just the whole week has been blown up — blown out of proportion a lot — for sure. I got his side and said I didn’t appreciate what he said about me afterward and explained it. And I was fine with it.
“No, the racing side-by-side with him doesn’t worry me. We’re still going to race each other hard like we always have, but it was good to talk to him at the race track face-to-face.”



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