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Special Series…Where are they now? Chris Wright travels the country on NASCAR Xfinity Series circuit – Blair Enterprise Publishing

Special Series…Where are they now? Chris Wright travels the country on NASCAR Xfinity Series circuit – Blair Enterprise Publishing
05 Jan

When one of the NASCAR Xfinity Series cars comes in for a pit-stop, Chris Wright makes sure the next set of tires is ready to go.

A 2010 graduate of Maple Valley-Anthon Oto, Wright has worked for SS-Green Light Racing for a little over four years. NASCAR Xfinity Series is the “second level” behind NASCAR Cup Series.

SS-Green Light Racing has two teams in the Xifinity Series. Wright said he mostly works with the Ray Black Jr. team. The team is based out of Charlotte, N.C., with their garage located in Mooresville, N.C.

Wright’s passion for cars started around the age of 10. In high school, he took automotive tech classes. After graduating, Wright moved out to North Carolina and went to the mechanic school, NASCAR Technical Institute.

He then worked for a driving school, the NASCAR Racing Experience, as he traveled with them and helped work on the cars.

Following his job with the driving school, Wright had a connection with someone that was looking for a hauler driver.

“I happened to know someone that knew a team that was looking for somebody to come work for them and drive their hauler.”

He drove the team’s hauler truck from race to race. During the week, Wright would go run errands and pick up parts.

Today, Wright’s job with the cars is working on the race tires.

“My main job is to go to Goodyear to get the tires, bring them back, and put them in sets and make sure they have the proper air pressure in them,” Wright said.

He normally picks up five sets of tires for the weekend. He gets the tires ready for practice, qualifying, and the race each weekend.

The Xfinity Series season is 33 weekends a year.

“There are some weeks we go out to Las Vegas, Phoenix, and California, and we stay out there for three weeks,” Wright said.

Wright’s favorite part of his job is seeing the different parts of the country. He likes racing and likes traveling, so his job is a good combination of the two. He has also met a lot of great people along the way and made a lot of friends.

There are also some parts of his job that can be a little stressful.

“There are times when its fun, and there are times when it’s 120 degrees and stuff keeps going wrong (on the car),” Wright said.

During the race, Wright keeps the tires up for the next stop and adjusts the tire pressure as needed by the crew chief.

After the race weekend, he returns the tires to Goodyear and helps load the hauler and moves on to the next track.



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