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The Crew: NASCAR themed comedy coming to NETFLIX – Racing News

The Crew: NASCAR themed comedy coming to NETFLIX – Racing News
20 Sep

Kevin James is set to star in ‘The Crew’ and it doesn’t sound bad at all

Comedian Kevin James will star in ‘The Crew’. The series will make it’s debut on NETFLIX.

A NASCAR team owner steps down from his role. In doing so, he passes the team off to his daughter.

NASCAR has been working closely with the project. Matt Summers, NASCAR senior director of content development and Tim Clark, chief digital officer have been in touch with the production team.

Kevin JamesKevin James
Kevin James

Kevin James: NASCAR crew chief

James will lead as an old-school crew chief who battles with the modern tech and the millennials. The show will focus on the NASCAR garage area.

Kevin James has a large range of hit roles as an actor: 50 First Dates, Hitch, The King of Queens, Mall Cop, Hotel Transylvania, Grown Ups 2, Zookeeper, Pixels and Sandy Wexler.

James is an avid NASCAR fan himself. He’s given the command to start engines in glorious fashion.

As news of the new project came out, James tweeted, “So excited to be doing this!”

Most recently, James worked on Kevin Can Wait. In 2018, CBS canceled the show after it’s second season on the network.

Jeff Lowell

Jeff Lowell will write on the show. His portfolio includes: The Ranch, Two and a Half Men, Spin City.

For many NASCAR fans, the Talladega Nights hit is brutal to watch. With this project, race fans shouldn’t expect the same angle as the prior NASCAR themed hit.

“Hey, I’m the writer of the new show and I wanted to thank you for your support. We’re NASCAR fans and we’re gonna try to make a show that respects the sport and is still funny,” Jeff Lowell stated via twitter.

“Our goal is to not have it ring false to fans. And although Talladega Nights was funny, that’s not at all the tone we’re going for,” Lowell confirmed.

No official release date, screenshots or previews have been released. The show is expected for release in 2020.


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