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Watch a NASCAR driver drift the nuts off an 800bhp hot rod – Top Gear

Watch a NASCAR driver drift the nuts off an 800bhp hot rod – Top Gear
27 Sep

Left… Left… Left…

We know y’all’s lazy stereotypes of NASCAR. But here’s proof that some NASCAR drivers really do know how to corner in both directions. And incinerate a set of slicks in the process.

You have king of the oval Joey Logano to thank, who had his group of grease monkeys at Factory Five build him an insane 1935 drift truck in just four days. Using a fabricated chassis, they dropped an $80k, 800bhp dry-sumped Ford NASCAR cup engine into the front, hooked it up to a six-speed sequential ‘box, then fitted new steering arms and suspension to gift armfuls of lock.

They then clad the bed’s sides, tailgate and cab with composite panels feature stainless steel skins. But they left off the fenders. And the tailgate floor. All to allow the rear-mounted radiator to breath and whoever has to fill the sucker up with access to the fuel system. But, as Joey hates sweat patches, they also fitted power windows and air conditioning.

96 hours after starting the build, Joey was doing a very skiddy, very smokey session around Charlotte Motor Speedway – even leaving some fat, rubbery lines around his matching Heritage Ford GT. Now, who thinks all NASCAR drivers should have a crack at this? It’d be one hell of a championship, wouldn’t it?



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